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Željko Mirković

The Una River and Pounje Region –

The Pearl of Europe

The most comprehensive monograph about the Una River and Pounje region ever published.

250 pages (size 24x34 cm) / more than 400 photographs (including underwater shots)

Bosnian and English text / GPS coordinates of locations

Publisher: Damir Design / Year published: 2011

Price: KM 99.00 KM (EUR 50.00).


With this publication, the author has painstakingly compiled a detailed and definitive description of the secrets and wonders of the Una river, while dispelling the common myths and folklore held by so many. For example, many people say that the Una is just an ordinary stream, and have not attempted to see that it is a karst river and that its flow is quite complex. With the in-depth and complete research that this volume represents, decorative words will now be replaced by facts that fully explain the entire basin of the Una river, and what it creates, along with the environment in which the story takes place.