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Damir Design is a boutique design studio based in Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The studio has been founded and headed by Damir Midžić, a Bachelor of Graphic Design, who graduated at the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts in 2001. Having gained years of experience by working on various graphic design projects, Damir Design creates effective visual communication for small and medium enterprises, as well as cultural and public institutions. The agency provides services in the fields of corporate identity/branding, design of books, brochures and other publications, advertising of products/services and infographics.





In a bid to provide a quality and complete service, Damir Design cooperates with a number of authors, including Adnan Suljkanović (www.adnansdesigns.com) – design / illustration; photographers Samir Sinanović (www.samirsinanovic.com) and Maja Topčagić (www.majatopcagic.com) and illustrators Filip Andronik (www.superamnesia.com) and Miroslav Slipčević (www.mimicortazar.blogspot.com).


Awards and acknowledgments:


The New Year’s card "Happy Holidays“ and the advertisement "Thermal Insulation from the Basement to the Roof“ for the company Austrotherm were selected for the 2010 edition of the Creative Portfolio (Best creative ideas from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia) in their respective categories (design & art direction and printed advertisement).
Winner of the competition for the symbol and logo of the Una National Park,
Winner of the competition for the tourist symbol of the city of Bihać,
Winner of the competition for the coat-of-arms and flag of the Municipality of Bihać,
2nd prize awarded by a delegation of the European Community Monitor Mission (ECMM) for the silkscreen print "Multietničko Sarajevo" (A Multiethnic Sarajevo) – a collaboration with Irfan Hošić